things tumblr needs to stop doing

  • making minor useless changes

things tumblr needs to start doing

  • releasing urls that have been terminated for 2+ years
  • add a “disable reblogging” option for posts
  • make blocking people make it so they can’t view your blog and set it up so i can make it when someone who i have blocked goes to my blog it redirects to a black page with white text in the middle that says “go fuck yourself” with a picture of shadow the hedgehog flipping them off




This is how thoroughly we women have been sexualized, that we cannot make the kind of noises that come with physical exertion without it being associated with sex. In fact, everything about our bodies has been sexualized in one way or another. If we groan during sport or we breast-feed in public, we are criticized for making people think about sex. If we talk openly about things like menstruation and poop and farts, then we are criticized for making people not want to think about sex.

Think about what it means to be ladylike and all of the adjectives that go along with it: elegant, cultured, classy, sophisticated. To be successful at being feminine means being successful at being private, keeping your body’s natural functions behind closed doors and never letting anyone know they exist. It means to be constrained, that you do not let your legs spread wide in public transportation and you do not make noises that are harsh on the ears. It means presenting a polished, shiny surface to the world at all times, one that allows others to project whatever they wish onto you while never showing too much of your true self.


Nicki Minaj is an excellent and dynamic rapper, lyrically and stylistically, she’s topped charts in a male dominated space, she started from the absolute bottom and knows how to hustle and work her image, I don’t care whether you care for her style of music or not but if you dismiss her as a trash artist I’m gonna heavily side eye you







In March of this year I threw a grenade into the Nerdfighter/YouTube community. As difficult as the aftermath has been, I’m proud of myself and of my friends for speaking up and I’m thankful to all of you have been standing with me and supporting me through this. I…

There is one problem with this.

How do we allow people the chance to try and make up for what they’ve done to the people they hurt - and to their viewers - if we don’t allow them to come near us ever again?

I feel like this is a legitimate question, so I’m going to give it a legitimate answer.

Look - when an alcoholic is in recovery for addiction, especially early on in that process, that person has to avoid alcohol completely.  He or she has to avoid going to bars to hang out with friends, has to avoid going to parties and social gatherings where alcohol is present.  Being around alcohol is often too tempting, and those who are committed to their recovery will remove themselves from circumstances where they could relapse.  It takes the person in recovery knowing what they did was wrong and vowing to change, even if it’s difficult or inconvenient.  The process of recovery is one of totally changing and reordering one’s life.

These youtubers had a problem. They used their power and influence to take advantage of their fans in dangerous and harmful ways.  Yet we aren’t seeing any signs at all that they are dedicated to their recovery.  The signs we’re seeing show the exact opposite.  From Alex D’s comments on r/nerdfighters, we can see him admit he doesn’t think he did anything wrong.  From what we’ve heard from people who have talked to Alex C directly, he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Instead of apologizing and owning up to mistakes, they’re refusing to acknowledge the hurt they caused.  Denying wrongdoing is a slap in the face to the people they’ve hurt.  It’s disrespectful. It’s mean.

Furthermore, all this talk of comebacks shows they want right back into the situations that allowed them to abuse in the first place.  They want the attention, they want the love, they want the power, they want the access.  Instead of removing themselves from temptation like someone dedicated to recovery would do, in a matter of just a few months they are clamoring to climb right back into the spotlight.  These are not the behaviors of someone who wants to do better.

I honestly hope these guys get help, I really do.  For the sake of any future victims, I want them to realize they have a problem, take it seriously, and work towards recovery and healing.  The best way for them to make up for what they’ve done is to apologize, get help from some source outside the community, work towards becoming a better person, and then leave those they’ve harmed alone.  They’ve proven they can’t be trusted with the power they’ve gotten from youtube, so it’s time to leave this community alone and move on to other endeavors.  Responsibility is removing oneself from temptation.  Respect is not trying to gain money and fame from people you’ve hurt and whose trust you’ve abused.

The actions we see here aren’t the actions of someone who is deserving further support from this community.  How can we as a community forgive those who won’t even admit to the hurt they caused?  If they think they never did anything wrong, they’ll continue to act in the same ways again.  Forgiveness is all well and fine, but you don’t blindly forgive the wolf and let him into your pen while he’s still trying to eat the sheep.

I think you raise an interesting point, however in the case of Eddplant, this is something he has actually done. He chose to take himself to rehab, if you will, and leave the Internet for 6 months. He didn’t post another video for about a year.

In Day’s case, I agree, I think he does need to truly realise the error of his ways. This is something I think he’s starting to come around to, but something that still needs addressing. Most definitely an issue in C’s case.

But Ed, I believe, is someone who is no longer trying to eat the sheep, to use your metaphor. I personally believe he HAS changed, and that he has changed for the better. Yet people are refusing to let him back even though he has, because they don’t think he has changed.

This is my issue. Sure, don’t let people back until they’ve changed. But when they HAVE changed, try and accept them back. Even if it’s incredibly hard.

One of the girls who Ed abused, lions-and-snails (I think that’s her URL I’m on mobile sorry!!) has taken her case against him to the police, and he is fighting back, telling them that she wanted the abuse he inflicted on her. If that’s not a sign of him having not changed one damn bit, then I don’t know what is

while community safety is obviously important, i think the central piece of the dialogue of “can we ever let abusers back into our community” HAS to be the voices and opinions of the people that were directly affected. MULTIPLE victims/survivors have stated MULTIPLE TIMES that they DO NOT WANT to see the community let abusers back in, for many different, all completely valid, reasons. 

and unless/until the victims/survivors say it’s ok, we as a community NEED to have their backs. end of story.


I thought I’d make a post summarizing Taylor Swifts video “Shake It Off” for the people who don’t want to give her more hate views on VEVO. Maybe instead of giving her 4,000 angry views on youtube we can just give her my one view and reblog this hella so no one else watches it out of irritable curiosity? 

Anyways the video is basically just her dancing singing an anthem that every White person appropriating another culture says, “The haters gonna hate.” There’s no real content or plot to the video, just a lot of dance shots where she’s being really awkward. It’s actually amazing how someone could really pretend to be so innocent and naive yet still convey a very harmful message.

Above I posted some screen caps of the video and after only watching it once I got all I needed to know.  Already from the beginning of the video you see a hard clash between the dancers. There are the prima ballerina types who are all white women, elegantly leaping and stretching and dancing. Then there are the facelessblack women who are shaking their asses. Yes, faceless, literally every shot of the “twerkers” are only their asses. There’s also other groups of dancers which include some break dancers (which are all brown men,) and contemporary dancers (which is a group of white people and one girl with an afro.) Oh, yes, I forgot the cheerleading group which was all white cheerleaders and one black girl in the back. I just find it hard to believe that they couldn’t have a solid mixed group of people in each category. She pulled a Miley and Iggy and probably said something like “Well I want a more urban feel! But keep the safe ballerinas white!!” Literally the only group that had a saturation of black women was the twerking group. She even had them squat and shake their asses while she crawled through their legs! So edgy! So urban!

This is the problem I have with Taylor Swift. She’s always trying to convey herself as the innocent one who is “man worthy” (as if being man worthy is even important) while slut shaming other women for being sexual, or even just dressing in “short skirts” and “high heels.” All of the sudden now she wants to say, “To hell with the haters I can have as many problematic exes as I want! Now I’m going to be single and edgy! I’m going to shake it off! And to be single and edgy and sexual I have to dance with a bunch of ass shaking black women!  USE A BUNCH OF BLACK WOMEN AS PROPS

Long story story, Taylor Swift is not only a slut shaming misogynist, she’s ignorant and has obviously racist/stereotypical views of brown and black people. 


get into the habit of not assuming a person’s gender


One of my favorite twitter exchanges


One of my favorite twitter exchanges


i just don’t ship harry potter. i just don’t ship him. he needs to go to counseling, not kiss anyone.